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After years of tears and trying almost every product available to tackle the tangles when brushing my children's hair, a discussion with a friend resulted in years of research.  We were surprised to learn through our research that the ingredients included in hair products (and many other products used daily) were filled with cancer-causing agents.  Knowing the primary reason for embarking on this journey was for children, our research to make a detangler that actually worked quickly leaned toward a healthy alternative that would include natural products to help the "tender-headed" children of the world.  Our formula was complete and tested-IT WORKED!

As an added benefit to this research, we expanded our product line for adults and children alike using similar natural raw ingredients to include: Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe, Honey, Palm Oil & more.

We will continue our research in order to provide educated healthy affordable options to all families.  Everyone should have access to basic bath and body products free from cancer causing chemicals.

Our product line will continue to expand in order to offer naturally conditioning items like: Soap, Bath Fizzies, Body Butter, Lip Balms, Salves and more!

Once you nourish and condition your skin naturally, we found the best way to accent the glow by adding handcrafted jewelry!

We hope you enjoy the natural experience!

Sincerely from our families to yours,

The N2JAZI Team

*Individual results will vary.  As with any products you use, always test before use and consult your physician. paragraph here.

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